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The following standard dress code has been set by E. O. Smith Education Center's Dress Code Committee and the SDMC for the entire student body.  Each student must be in uniform everyday that classes are in session, unless special privileges have been granted by the school principal.


Must be a solid color (green or white) with a collar.  Shirts must be tucked into pants or skirts at all times.  Any school approved shirt is also acceptable on Spirit Day (Fridays) only.  All tops must be long enough to tuck into bottoms.  Only white undershirts may be worn.  No low cut blouses or shirts will be tolerated.

Must be a solid color (khaki or navy blue).  NO holes, frayed hems or edges.  Pants must be worn with belts at all times.  No warm-up pants or sweats are allowed!  Skirts must be at least knee-length or below.  No long-legged overalls.  No Jeans/ No Shorts/ No Capri pants.    Long Johns will not be tolerated as part of the school dress code!

All shoes must have closed fronts and backs.  No slides, slippers, or house shoes will be allowed!

Jackets, sweatshirts or sweaters must be a solid color (green or white).  No logo designs will be worn, other than E. O. Smith or school related special program wear.  Indoor wear may not be tied around the waist!

Absolutely no gang attire, obscene or offensive slogans, or suggestive wear will be allowed.

Headbands, wave caps, stocking caps, bandanas, nose rings, toe ornaments, earrings for boys and Body Piercing jewelry are not a part of the school uniform.  Therefore, these items will not be worn on campus during the school day or during other school related activities!   On Sports Days, Athletic Days, and Go Western Days appropriate attire will be announced the day before over the P. A. system.   

Consequences are assessed if students
fail to follow the DRESS CODE rules!


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